Things to think about before you go Wedding Dress Shopping

There are lots of things to take into consideration when setting out to buy a wedding dress. It can be an overwhelming task. We've laid out some handy hints to make the whole process a little easier!


The first thing to thing about is your time scale. What a lot of brides don't realise is the length of time it takes for your dress to be made. Although most dresses are not made to measure they are made to order. So you really need to allow 6 months from ordering to it arriving in store, some are quicker some can take longer. You then need to add another 6 to 8 weeks to allow time for fitting and alterations.

If you decide to have a bespoke dress designed and made this can take as long and you will require more fittings.

So, in short start dress shopping early, but one other thing to remember is don't start shopping until you are ready to commit to ordering your dress. The main reason for this is you may fall in love with a dress and not be ready to order, then return at a later date and your dream dress is no longer available and you are back to square one.

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Set your price limit. If you are going to spend £900 on a dress, don't waste your time trying on dresses that are priced higher. You are far better to stick to your budget and then You can enjoy spending time choosing your accessories to compliment your chosen dress. Don't forget when setting your dress budget to factor in alteration costs, accessories such as veils and tiaras.

dresses at A family Affair start from £650 to £1500 for Designer gowns and from £950 to £2500 for bespoke gowns. We also have a rail of sample gowns with prices from £250.

WHO should SHOP with you

Most brides will have watched Say Yes To The Dress and will understand when we advise our brides to think carefully about who they bring shopping with them!!!

Remember its you that will be wearing the dress and its your big day. We understand that its the most important dress you will ever wear and we want to help you make the right choice. Most brides to best with their Mum, sister or most trusted friend, they generally have the brides best interest at heart. Make your dress shopping an enjoyable experience.

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So how do you know when you’ve found ‘the one?’ – Everyone is different but usually a bride quite simply, won’t want to take it off. Not everyone cries so don’t be disappointed if you don’t shed a few tears, the tears are more likely to flow on the big day. Finally, make sure you book in advance, do a bit of online research looking at styles, listen to your bridal consultant and don't try too many dresses as you will confuse yourself, once you find it go for it!! Order and stop looking :) Happy shopping!!