UK Grooms stay faithful to the classic tail coat

With tailcoats ranging from black to navy through greys in silk, mid and slate, there are more opportunities than ever to incorporate this wedding classic into a wide range of wedding colour schemes, and more and more Cameron Ross customers appear to be leaning toward this style as they prepare for their wedding day.

Traditionalists can opt for the black tailcoat with grey stripe trousers and ruche tie where those looking for a more modern look have the choice of navy and an array of greys. Matching the suit with a striped tie and plain waistcoat is a great way to update this timeless style.

While grey tailcoats retain a leading position among our customers, this year's summer season sees a resurgence of navy, now making its mark as a popular choice for wedding party outfits throughout the UK.

The premium grey silk has quickly become a favourite for weddings of all styles. Easy to match with a wide range of bridesmaid dress colours and fitting in easily with a multitude of wedding themes and venues, it's a perfect alternative to black.

A tailoring classic that exudes style and sophistication, the morning suit is having a bit of renaissance among Grooms across the UK and we agree that it is a great choice for wedding party outfits, whichever colour is selected. The tailcoat is sharp, polished and quite frankly, the definition of debonair!

The full range of tailcoats and formalwear options is available for hire across the UK and can be viewed on our Outfit Builder.