Curvy Bridal Collection at A Family Affair

Here are some tips on how A Family Affair will help a curvy bride find the perfect wedding dress.

A Family Affair offer help and inspiration to every bride to find her dream dress.

In our area the larger size bride-to-be had a pretty tough time finding a beautiful, fairytale gown that she could wear on one of the most important days of her life.

Happily, this is has changed and although we have always stocked sizes for every bride we now have a specific range for the plus size bride offering a choice of styles, fabrics, shapes and beautiful detailing.

Here are just a few tips and reasons to visit A Family Affair and find your dream dress for that special day. Book your appointment for our Preview weekend 10th & 11th November


Phoenix Gowns Plus Size

A good selection of styles to choose from

We have started with a small collection, but are now building this up. The more gowns that are available for the bride to try on means it becomes easier for the bride to find a style that suits her body shape and increases the likelihood of finding one that meets with her approval.

If a bride is using up her precious time and energy and expense to travel to a bridal salon, the least she can expect is to see how different styles, colours, necklines and embellishments make her look and make her feel.

A Family Affair are building a good range of plus size dresses from our current designers’ specialist range.

A wide range of sizes to choose from

No two brides are ever the same size or shape which is why a wide range of sizes should be available when trying on dresses. Every bust, hip or waist measurement can make quite a difference to the fit of a gown so it's very reassuring for the bride to know that this won't be a major problem during her appointment. Additionally, a corset or lace-up back is a very common feature among larger size bridal gowns that gives a bride support, comfort and flexibility.

At A Family Affair we have always stocked a good range of sizes and now have sizes up to a 30 in our sample range.

Private and discreet

Not every bride with or without curves is totally at ease when sharing a changing area with others and especially strangers. It's therefore very important that brides feel comfortable and enjoy their experience trying on wedding dresses.  This helps to make the bridal experience completely relaxed and much more personal.

A Family Affair is appointment only and can also offer out of hours private consultations and we give all our brides a full hour and a half appointments.

Guest List

We get many brides who come along on their own to try on dresses, but many like to bring guests to help them find their dream dress. We are often asked how many guests the bride can bring, we can usually accommodate the bride and up to 4 guests. This is not a rule, but we do advise the bride that the experience of trying dresses on with a lot of different opinions can make it a very confusing time!

At A Family Affair, we can usually accommodate up to 6 but recommend up to 4 trusted family/friends and this also makes ‘the one’ more of a surprise for all your guests on the day.

So what are you waiting for?

There is a beautiful dress for every beautiful bride and it could be at A Family Affair!

Find out more about our Curvy Bride Weekend

To see our extensive range of gorgeous gowns especially for the curvy bride book in for our Designer Preview Weekend on 10th & 11th November in store.

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