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Peaky Blinders Suits

Partly because of the current trend of classic gent and dapper styles, along with the popularity of the show Peaky Blinders, there has been an increased demand for classic English style three-piece suits and flat caps. Yet, trying to acquire a Peaky Blinders style suit can be something of a difficult task, particularly if you jump into the hunt without any prior knowledge! Get your appointment booked with us at A Family Affair decided and let us help you to achieve that Thomas Shelby style.


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Peaky Blinders Tweed Suits

The first item you will need to find will be the classic Tweed suit. Fans of the show will agree that this suit style is the perfect look if you want to mimic your chosen character. There are many styles and colours of tweed available, but the top choices would be the timeless dark grey, charcoal, navy or brown colours. The muted tones were a firm favourite from that era, opting for subtlety instead of loud and brash colours. Yet, not all tweed suits are simple plain affairs, you can always take a look at some of the chequered pattern styles too! Check out our recommendations for tweed suits below. Most of which are available to try on at A Family Affair.

Peaky Blinders Tweed


Peaky Blinders Flat Caps

You cannot effectively recreate the Peaky Blinders style without the synonymous flat cap which all members of the gang are required to wear. Another item of clothing which was thought long banished to history, yet thanks to the dapper trend movement along with Peaky Blinders TV show has jumped out of the shadows to become a popular accessory in men's fashion. There are many styles available, but to achieve the Shelby look then a tweed flat cap is a must! We are hoping to have these available to purchase very soon.


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Peaky Blinders Shoes

To finish of your Peaky Blinders inspired outfit then you cannot forget the footwear! Shoes or boots with a brogue style design are the perfect accompaniment, easily matching those worn by the members of the gang in the show. For the majority of the series, the Shelby's would choose to wear hard wearing lace up brogue boots to help combat the rugged pathways of olden day Birmingham. Yet, when the time is needed to make an impression, they can be seen swapping the boots out for a more classic brogue style shoe. With so many shoe options available, we did the hard work for you and picked out the best Peaky Blinders inspired footwear.

Peaky Blinders Brogue Shoes House Of Cavani

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