Plus Size Wedding Dresses

We are starting to increase our plus size range of bridal dresses to ensure that every bride can look and feel amazing on their special day.

We stock Phoenix Envy and White Rose Graceful dresses, which are specially designed to fit and flatter the fuller figure.  

We also have other designers that are available in sizes 8 through to 32.  

We always try to ensure our sample dresses are of a size that will allow anyone to try each style, to see if its something they love.  Most of our sample dresses are size 14 through to 18, not including the plus size range.  

We are proud to display our size 20/22 mannequin in our shop, to highlight that we cater for everyone.  

This is something I have felt particularly passionate about, as I am not small myself.  I have also had so many brides that have contacted us who are worried, and scared about coming to try wedding dresses, due to their size.  They have put it off for as long as they can, worried that there might not be anything that fits them.  

Looking for your once in a lifetime dress should be exciting.  Its a special time that you should remember for all the right reasons.  We are committed to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident while shopping for wedding dresses at A Family Affair. 

Look at some of these beauties! 

PH8001 Back Crop

PH8001 Front

PH8008 Back Bare 2

PH8008 Front


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